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Hi, my name is Urška. I am a proud mum of three very smart children and a wife to a strong man who though me no dreams are too big.


My love for photography started when I was attending faculty for architecture in Ljubljana. but my passion for telling my stories through pictures began 6 years ago when my two little ladies were born. there was soo much love around them and I just wanted to capture it with my camera lens. I started taking pictures every day and my pictures began to tell stories about love, joy, and fullness of life surrounding us.

People i work with like to call me a storyteller because I write stories about their special day. Your special day is my canvas and my camera is my pen and I would love to write about your love story for you.

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Your special day is my canvas and

my camera  is my pen and

I would love to write about your love story for you.


Wedding photos

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Do you like my photos?



My gsm number is 031 333 244.

My pictures express me. I'm like that.

I love weddings because of the essence of love, because of beauty, joy and because this is a magical fairytale day, which I will offer you with all honor in lasting memory.

Book an appointment via the form below.

I will call you via videoconference (skype, viber) and make the first contact. 

You can email me at urskaostanekphoto@gmail.com


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